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An Intensive Music Theory Workshop ; Navigating the Exam with Confidence


Facilitated by Brodie Baldwin
Principal Voice Teacher & Owner of Brodie Baldwin Voice Studio

Experienced & Qualified Vocal Coach / ANATS Member

Brodie Baldwin is a passionate Singer-Songwriter, Vocal Coach and Performer who holds a Bachelor of Music from JMC Academy. After graduating, Brodie has been involved in numerous musical productions, collaborative releases, session writing/singing and has also released her own music which she has performed at numerous venues in Sydney, recently at her first sold-out headlining show.


Brodie has been teaching for a number of years now and holds an overwhelming affection for teaching; specialising in contemporary voice, songwriting and musical theatre with interests in audition preparation and HSC & AMEB exams. Brodie has an enthusiastic and compassionate teaching approach, and aims to build her student’s confidence and musicianship.

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What this Workshop will Cover

Welcome to this Music Theory intensive workshop designed exclusively for Year 11 & 12 HSC Music students! This workshop will make you feel more confident in your music theory knowledge and equip you with the right tools to excel in your upcoming aural exam. Here's a glimpse of what's in store:


August 17, 10 - 2pm - TBC 

Location: Online (Zoom)

Early Bird Price $90 (Save your spot before the 1st of July)

Brief Introductions & Layout of the Day: Get acquainted with your peers!

How to Tackle HSC Questions & Tips: From understanding question formats to effective time management strategies, you will learn how to best tackle specific aural exam questions.

Revision on the 6 Concepts of Music: Duration, pitch, tone color, structure, texture, dynamics and expressive techniques. 

HSC Practice Questions: We will work through a range of HSC practice questions, formulated from previous HSC examinations. 

Go Over Answers, Plus Teacher Feedback: Review your responses and receive personalized feedback. Identify areas for improvement and gain valuable insights into refining your approach to HSC Music questions.

Wrap Up Day & Questions: This is an opportunity for students to reflect on what we have covered in the workshop and are encouraged to ask any questions, so students leave feeling empowered and prepared for their next aural exam.

Handouts & Take-Home Practice Materials: Students will receive additional musical terminology & HSC questions to continue their preparation at home.

If you wish to be a part of this HSC Music Aural Skills Intensive, please join the waitlist below! 

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